Preceptor and Affiliation Policy

ACEND standard 16: Faculty and preceptors – Orientation for new preceptors

The CPD provides new preceptors (and inform existing preceptors) with a CPD Preceptor Handbook. The "CPD Preceptors' Page" section of the CPD website will include resources and promote the use of the Academy's Online Dietetics Preceptor Training Course, which provides eight free CPEs.


ACEND standard 19: Supervised practice facilities – Affiliation agreements, policy regarding annual updating of affiliation agreement files

Obtaining a new AA agreement:

  • Once a new site has been contacted and has agreed to precept students, an AA must be obtained before students can begin SP. Using the standard WSU AA, contact the site and indicate the need to establish the AA. Personalize the sample agreement with facility name, contact information, and date

  • Send personalized AA to the site for their signature(s). They will need to snail mail original forms back to the CPD. If their facility requires that they have to keep an AA with original signatures on file (vs. a photocopy), then make sure they sign two original AAs

  • Once the AA is obtained with facility signatures, send to the following:

    • Pam Galloway, Assistant General Counsel, 4251 F/AB (must sign first)

    • Keith Whitfield, Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, 4092 F/AB

  • Once a facility-signed AA is in the hands of the CPD, students can start their SP at the site, even if the WSU signatures have not yet been obtained, as long as the standard WSU AA was used. The process for facility signatures takes approximately two weeks. Once the fully executed AA is sent back to the CPD, forward a copy to the facility, and any other designees they indicated

  • A file with all active AAs should be kept in the CPD office. Unless otherwise indicated, all WSU standard AAs are open-ended and only expire when terminated by either party, in writing, with 45 days advanced notice. A detailed index list of all AAs on file with any expiration dates should be maintained

  • If the name of a facility changes, the AA needs to be updated to reflect this information

  • If a contract management company is in place at the facility, the AA in place should be with the facility itself, and not the contract management company. An additional umbrella agreement with the contract management company, that covers any facility they manage, can be obtained as an optional AA, in addition to the AA that is active with the facility itself (but this is not required)

  • Each year in June, all AA should be reviewed to check that they are not expired and for any possible name changes. In addition, each semester when SP sites are being arranged, the CPD faculty in charge of arranging sites should make sure that an active AA is in place with all facilities being used

  • In the instance that a facility chooses to use their own AA, in place of the standard WSU AA, this AA will need to be reviewed and approved by the Assistant General Counsel. Forward the AA to Pamela Galloway at If there are issues to be addressed with this AA, the CPD faculty should facilitate communication between the General Counsel and the facility to expedite execution of the AA