Application to the Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CPD)

Applications are due annually April 1 for the program that will begin in the fall semester.

Please note that no special consideration is given to applicants that apply prior to the application due date. Application review will begin after April 1 for all applications received.

Undergraduate students must apply (and be admitted) to Wayne State University prior to applying to this program. Post-Bachelor and Graduate students can apply to the CPD prior to applying to WSU, but may need to fulfill select prerequisites prior to CPD application (if you need prereqs and plan to complete them at WSU, then you must apply to WSU before applying to the CPD). 

Tuition information

The CPD two-year professional course sequence consists of 55 credits at the upper division level. This does not include prerequisite courses or courses related to university degree requirements. Students with a BS degree and a Verification Statement from a Didactic Program in Dietetics from another university can generally complete the program in 2.5 semesters consisting of 32 credits.

For information on WSU tuition, please visit and also see current university tuition rates.

For more information on program costs other than tuition, visit our Becoming an RD page.

  • Transferring credits from other institutions

    To find equivalent courses at other universities and community colleges for CPD prerequisite courses, you can check with our NFS undergraduate advisor, or see our Transfer Plans:

    1. Go to Transfer Plans.
    2. From the alphabetized list of schools, click on your choice.
    3. Scroll down the list and click the link for Dietetics, to see the equivalent courses at that school.


  • International transcripts

    Students with a transcript from another country (including Canada) must obtain a course-by-course transcript evaluation from an independent agency that validates academic degrees.  Students applying to an ACEND-accredited program must have a degree that is equivalent to a bachelor's or master's degree from a U.S. regionally-accredited college or university. 

    Only transcript evaluation reports from agencies at the following link will be accepted when applying to the CPD at WSUForeign Degree Evaluation Agencies.

    International students can find more information on coming to WSU at our Office of International Students and Scholars.

  • Guidelines for dietetics students from other universities

    For students with a degree from an ACEND-accredited dietetics program:     

    • Students can apply to the CPD as a Post-Bachelor Certificate student; another degree is not required.
    • Students must repeat any required courses (including prereqs) for which they received a "D" grade (1.5 or less), and any dietetics-related courses (medical nutrition therapy, intro dietetics, counseling/interviewing, food service management, community nutrition) with a "C" grade (2.5 or less)
    • Students must still take the following program courses, in addition to any courses which must be repeated as stated above: NFS 4210, NFS 5200, NFS 5360, NFS 4220, NFS 6850

    For students who have a degree in another discipline:

    • Students with a degree in another discipline do not need to complete another degree at WSU but must fulfill all prerequisite courses (you can apply to the CPD as a Post-Bachelor Certficate student).
    • There is more latitude with regard to accepting courses from other universities for our requirements when the student has a degree; this is done on an individual basis if the student can provide copies of syllabi and/or adequate course descriptions from university bulletins