CLAS builds a new running community


Exercise is an integral part of our day-to-day routines. There are various exciting ways to get your body moving and keep you healthy, which is what inspired Dean Stephanie Hartwell to host monthly Run With the Dean events throughout the school year.   

Each month, students and faculty get together at Wayne State’s “W” statue on 2nd and Warren to go on a run and enjoy the beautiful scenery of campus and Midtown. These events aim to encourage running for newcomers and challenge returning runners to go a little further than last time. Hartwell described this event as a “do what you can” run where the goal is to strengthen the community and get outside and get some exercise.  

Faculty at the "W" statue for a Run With the Dean event

“I think exercise is an important part of every day and want to encourage people in CLAS to take time for it every day,” said Hartwell. “I love when I see people at the gym, but getting outdoors to run is a favored activity.” 

All are welcome at these events, and Hartwell is excited that a group of faculty have become regular runners and hopes that that group will grow even more next year. Hartwell enjoys running daily but enjoys it even more when running with other people.  

“I usually run alone or with one of my dogs,” said Hartwell. “It is actually fun to run with people and a great way to see Detroit.”  

Harwell’s inspiration for these events stemmed from her passion for running and her history of marathons. In 2019 Hartwell’s marathon team, “CLAS Women Warriors,” took first place in the annual Detroit Free Press Marathon. The team consisted of other faculty of CLAS and a close friend of Hartwell and her teammates. They brought home the gold and made Wayne State proud with their hard work and dedication. 

The Run With the Dean events have given Hartwell great memories with friends and faculty, making running even more enjoyable. She has loved exploring Detroit and its many landmarks in a new and exciting way all while fulfilling her passion for sharing running with the community around her.  

The last Run with the Dean takes place at 1 p.m. on Friday, May 13. All are welcome!  

By Hannah Naimo, Public Relations Associate 

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