WSU undergraduate math major admitted to Columbia University

Humza Khan on campus
Humza Khan, undergraduate math student.

Wayne State congratulations math major, Humza Khan, who has just been admitted into the master's program in applied mathematics at Columbia University!

Humza and Professor Fernando Charro have been working together for over two years on two different undergraduate research projects, both funded by Wayne State's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. One of the projects was an applied, interdisciplinary project in which Humza and Professor Charro developed a game-theoretic approach to community-based wildlife management. They have recently submitted their manuscript for publication in a mathematical biology journal.

Humza has also spoken about his research at three undergraduate research conferences. He was selected as the student speaker representing the area of physical sciences at WSU's Undergraduate Research Symposium in March 2020.

Additionally, he presented his research with Professor Charro virtually at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in April 2021 and at "Warrior Scholars: the Wayne State Conference for Undergraduate Research and Creative Work" in May 2021.

Humza Khan at the 2020 CLAS Undergrad Research Symposium
Humza Khan at the 2020 CLAS Undergrad Research Symposium.

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