Wayne State receives Third Annual Research Cluster Grant from Silicon Mechanics


Wayne State has won the Third Annual Research Cluster Grant from Silicon Mechanics. The award is a high-performance cluster, valued at $190,000. CLAS Faculty members played a critical role in the project.

Led by Hengguang Li (Mathematics) and Loren Schwiebert (Computer Science) respectively, two research groups at Wayne State University submitted a combined collaborative proposal for the competition this year. The past two winners of the award were Saint Louis University and Tufts University (http://www.siliconmechanics.com/i43744/research-cluster-grant-winners-circle.php).

Most of Faculty members in Hengguang Li's group are from CLAS, including

(Lead PI)
Mathematics: Hengguang Li

Chemistry: G. Andrés Cisneros, Wen Li, H. Bernhard Schlegel
Physics: Xiang-qiang Chu
Biology: Weilong Hao and Chuanzhu Fan
Oncology: Seongho Kim

In addition, Zhi-Feng Huang (Physics) from Schwiebert's team is also from CLAS.

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