The mathematics department welcomes JoAnne Lewan

JoAnne LewanJoAnne Lewan is one of the newest additions to the Department of Mathematics here at Wayne State University. She's joined our staff in the main office as an administrative assistant and works closely with our faculty each semester on various tasks.  

JoAnne started working at Wayne State University in January of 1979. Prior to her employment at Wayne State University, she worked as a sales clerk at a department store and obtained an office job at a furniture store. She came from a family that viewed work as a career so she wanted to work where there were opportunities to learn and to move up in a position with a good salary and benefits. She also wanted to have a diversified skill set to help ensure employability. Wayne State University provided precisely that for her.   

JoAnne started as an office assistant and moved up to various other administrative positions at the university. Before joining the mathematics department, she was a talent management coordinator in the Human Resources Client Services Division where she helped with hiring new employees. 

Missing building connections with people and building and maintaining a longer relationship with them, she opted to join an academic department. She feels that working in an academic department provides a more personable experience where close relationships with faculty, staff and students can be built. This is why she decided to apply for the administrative assistant II position in the Department of Mathematics. So far, she is enjoying her new role and is getting to know the faculty, staff and students.   

While working at Wayne State University, she has earned a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies with a minor in sociology, and a master’s degree in educational psychology. At this time in her career, she's not sure of where she's going yet with her educational or personal development. Since there is always something new to learn in this ever-changing world, she plans to continue learning and growing while supporting the Department of Mathematics in any way that she can.  

Welcome, JoAnne!

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