Math department to offer two new undergraduate majors this fall



The Department of Mathematics at Wayne State University will be offering two new undergraduate major programs starting in fall 2018. Students will be able to earn a Bachelor of science in statistics or a Bachelor of arts in actuarial mathematics.

“The new undergraduate majors in statistics and in actuarial mathematics are an exciting addition to our degree options,” said Dr. Hengguang Li, chair of the Department of Mathematics. “This is a great leap towards our goal of modernizing and diversifying the current curricula. The department is committed to providing the best education to help our students achieve not only a well-paying job but also a meaningful and long-lasting career. We want our graduates to feel proud, confident, and well-prepared in today’s job market, which has an increasing demand for analytical and computational skills.”

The B.S. in statistics will equip students with a solid foundation in probability and statistics theories and contemporary skills in data analytics and computation. Future graduates will be able to conceptualize, analyze, and visualize data problems using popular software such as SAS and R in many industries including healthcare, engineering, and finance. A modernized curriculum will allow students to pursue graduate studies in statistics and in some of the highest-paying and most in-demand areas such as data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Statisticians are ranked first in Best Business Jobs and second in Best STEM Jobs by U.S. News in 2018.

By earning a B.A. in actuarial mathematics, future graduates will use their math skills to measure and manage financial risks in insurance, banking, investment, energy, government, and many other sectors. Because of their direct involvement in strategic planning and decision-making, actuaries’ career paths often lead to senior management and executive positions. Actuaries are ranked second in Best Business Jobs and third in Best STEM Jobs by U.S. News in 2018.

In addition to these majors, the department has also added a minor in statistics. Those interested in these new programs should contact advisor Kim Morgan through Advising Works.

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