Department project funded through WSU WIDER


Faculty members Shereen Schultz and Christopher Leirstein have been awarded an SSTEP grant for a two-year project through the WSU WIDER NSF grant. The primary goal of the WIDER grant is to increase the use of evidence-based teaching and learning practices among STEM faculty throughout the university.

Schultz’s and Leirstein’s project, Engaging First-Time Instructors in Evidence-Based Teaching Methods, aims to improve the quality of teaching among the newly hired graduate teaching assistants in the mathematics department as they prepare to enter the classroom for the first time as an instructor.

The target of this project will be the MAT 5992 course entitled “Teaching Mathematics in College.” There are two major aspects of this project. The first will be to introduce our new GTA’s to evidence-based teaching methods and illustrate their effectiveness through various activities designed to simulate the classroom experience. Second, will be a collaborative effort with the teaching staff in our department to ensure proper direction and guidance is given on the successful implementation of these evidence-based methods.

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