Associate Professor of Mathematics has been awarded the 2022 President's Award for Excellence in Teaching

Professor Shinki

The mathematics department is proud to announce that Associate Professor of Mathematics Kazuhiko Shinki has been awarded the 2022 President's Award for Excellence in Teaching. The President's Award is a university-wide award given to a handful of faculty each year to recognize outstanding contributions to teaching. Professor Shinki has been the leader in developing the actuarial sciences, statistics, and data science programs within mathematics at WSU. He is the director of WSU's B.A. program in Actuarial Mathematics, and the director of the statistics concentration in the master's program in Data Science and Business Analytics. WSU has benefited greatly from Professor Shinki's hard work and dedication to developing curriculum and course offerings. Thanks to Professor Shinki for his efforts, and congratulations to Professor Shinki on receiving the President's Award!

Professor Shinki joins the mathematics department's past awardees of the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching:
Steve Kahn (1985, and again in 1996),
Dan Drucker (1987),
Chris Nazelli (2011),
Dan Isaksen (2016),
Richard Pineau (2021).

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