Winter 2022 courses in linguistics


The following courses are being offered for the B.A., M.A., and minor in linguistics.


  • AGRADE: Strong B.A. students can apply 15 B.A. credits toward their M.A. degree in linguistics
  • Honors: A B.A. with departmental honors is available for top undergraduate students

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  • LIN 1850: Introductory Symbolic Logic
  • LIN 2000: Chinese Phonetics LIN 2720: Basic Concepts in Linguistics (CI general education course)
  • LIN 2730: Languages of the World (GL general education course)
  • LIN 3080: Cognitive Psychology
  • LIN 5230: Structure of Arabic
  • LIN 5290: Phonology
  • LIN 5320: Language and Societies
  • LIN 5770: Sociolinguistics
  • LIN: 5730: English Grammar
  • LIN 6700: History of Arabic
  • LIN 6720: Topics: Language and Thought

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