Wayne State offers new Graduate Certificate in Linguistics program


In order to meet the increasing demands of global professions, Wayne State University has introduced a new Graduate Certificate in Linguistics. This new program offers students a deep understanding of how language — the key faculty of human cognition and intelligence — is structured, acquired and used. 

"Having a fundamental knowledge of language is critical for the next generation of careers," said Haiyong Lui, director of Wayne State's linguistics program. "Especially in a world that focuses more and more on artificial intelligence as well as security and strategic intelligence."

A strong background in linguistics could greatly benefit individuals working in technical writing, teaching, ESL, translation and more. 

The graduate certificate can be completed in just four courses. Potential course options include Child Language Acquisition, Language and Culture and Phonetics. Admission to the program is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School. 

Students interested in the Graduate Certificate in Linguistics can contact Professor and Graduate Student Advisor Ljiljana Progovac for more information.

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