New publications by our faculty


Although we are still in the first month of 2020, our faculty has succeeded in demonstrating how productive they are on the research front!

Emeritus Professor Margaret Winters and Geoff Nathan have co-authored a book: Cognitive Lingusitics for Linguists as part of the SpringerBriefs in Linguistics. They will also give a talk titled: You Say Your Name, How? on Jan. 31 at 2 p.m. in 10302 - 5057 Woodward (the Maccabees Building).

In the same series, Professor Ljiljana Progovac has published: A Critical Introduction to Language Evolution: current controversies and future prospectus. She has also published an article in the field of the language of evolution, which is truly a result of interdisciplinary collaboration: From physical aggression to verbal behavior: language evolution and self-domestication feedback loop.

Professor Muhammad T Al-sharkawi has published a new article: On verbal number in Arabic: preliminary remarks.

Professor Haiyong Liu has published a new article: Why plurality of the possessor matters in Mandarin Chinese inalienable possession.

Professor Lara Jones and Prof. Lee Wurm co-authored with their colleagues a new article: Sex differences in emoji use, familiarity, and valence.

Congratulations on your recent publications!

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