German area celebrates awarding of masters of arts degrees


The German area of CMLLC celebrates the award of masters of arts degrees to Ellen Vial (f,r), Lauren Furey (f,l), and Alicia Marvinetz (m,l), pictured here celebrating with Dr. Lisabeth Hock and Dr. Mark Ferguson.

Their essay topics are representative of the individualized approach that the German area takes to guiding its graduate students through our graduate programs. Ellen wrote with Dr. Hock on the centering of whiteness in Jenny Erpenbeck's 2015 novel, Gehen, Ging, Gegangen.

Alicia worked with Dr. Julie Koehler on the use of simplified fairy tales in the beginning German classroom. Lauren worked with Dr. Anne Rothe to become the first German-area candidate to take advantage of the department's new option of a translation-based master's essay.

Dr. Ferguson served on the committees of all three candidates. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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