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Please provide the following information to assist the MAELR program in determining whether you have satisfied course prerequisites. The course descriptions that appear below are taken from the Wayne State University Bulletin. If you have taken these courses or equivalent courses elsewhere, please so indicate and record the institution, term, course number, and title, and grade received. Please attach a copy of the description or preferably the syllabus for each such course. This information may be found in the university bulletin of the institution where you took the

Prereq: PSY 1010 or 1020. Psychology as applied to business and industry. Major areas of
industrial psychology: selection, placement, and training procedures; human factors research. Industrial social psychology: motivation and organizational research and theory.

Supply/demand, price at level of the firm and industry; business institutions and their operation;
determinants of wage and salary levels; interests rates, rent profits, income distribution; public policy in relation to business and labor.

Review of mathematics essential for statistics, sampling, computer use. Basic patterns of
statistical inference, confidence estimation and significance testing regarding measures of
averages, dispersion, correlation, and selected non-parametric statistics. One-way and two-way analysis of variance.

Note: No MAELR credit is earned for prerequisites. The MAELR Program recognizes a grade of “C” or better in each course, preferably taken within the past five years, as satisfying our prerequisites. Final determination will be made by the Academic Director, especially when the applicant took the course at another institution.


List below individuals from whom you expect to receive a Letter of Recommendation.

Only three letters of recommendation are required. Have each reference send his or her letter directly to the MAELR office to the attention of:

Linda Johnson, Academic Services Officer
5041 Cass Ave.
Walter P. Reuther Library
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48207

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