Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies learning objectives

Knowledge and skills

Students master the knowledge and skills to become professional leaders in the field of employment and labor relations and human resource management in order to earn successful careers in business, labor, or government. They will demonstrate knowledge of basic concepts in the areas of human resource management, collective bargaining, and the role of unions and the state in employment and labor relations. Such knowledge will be assessed through a short answer assessment instrument.

Verbal and oral presentation skills

They will be able to make clear, professional, substantively meaningful presentations that address questions and problems relevant to the audience. Their proficiency in oral presentations will be assessed through an evaluative instrument applied to their class presentations on their career development plans.

Career development

Students develop plans for career enhancement and work toward acquiring the relevant knowledge and skills. These plans will identify realistic goals, steps that can be taken to realize the goals, and how the ELR program can help them meet the goals. Students will also monitor their progress and report on progress as part of their plans of study to their academic advisor.

Apply critical thinking

Students will apply critical thinking to analyze important problems in the field of employment and labor relations. Such thinking involves specifying important problems or questions (ex., what impact do human resource management compensation policies have on pay equity?); framing how you would collect data to analyze the question, and analyzing the data and reporting the results.