Undergraduate scholarships and financial aid

Department scholarships

Dr. Gerald R. Dreslinski Award

Each year the History department may give the Dreslinski Award to one undergraduate major and one graduate student who have excelled in the study of early American history, broadly defined as the period between the colonial and Jacksonian eras (1600 to 1830s).

Rolf and Jennie Johannesen Endowed Memorial Award

The History department may award up to two scholarships annually, each worth up to $500 for tuition, to undergraduate majors and/or graduate students with high GPAs at WSU. Special emphasis will be given to those who demonstrate special interest (broadly defined) in ancient/classical history or in the classical tradition from the Middle Ages to the present.

Effie K. Ambler Memorial Scholarship in History

The History department may award undergraduate history majors an Ambler Award based on their outstanding performance and interest in studying the histories of gender, sexuality, and women.

F. Richard Place Endowed Memorial Award

The History department may designate one or two undergraduates to receive the Place Award based on outstanding performance in HIS 5996, the History capstone. Faculty teaching the capstone will nominate students, and the basis for the department's selection of recipients will be the capstone paper. Award/s will be made at the spring reception in April. Only history majors are eligible.

Sterne-Lion Research Scholarship

The History department may award up to two grants worth up to $1500 each to support a research project proposed by a History major. These funds will be used to augment a university grant to support undergraduate research; any history majors who receive such a grant from the university, through the Honors Program, may apply. The award is therefore administered jointly by the History department and the Honors Program. The deadline for proposals to be submitted to the Honors Program is in November. The exact amount of the award is decided by the DUS and the Undergraduate Committee; recipients will be announced separately from the above awards.

Mark and Linee Diem Endowed Scholarship

The History department may award one partial tuition scholarship to a history major who has completed 90 credits with a high GPA at WSU. Eligible students must also have an exceptionally strong record in history classes, particularly in upper-level courses (3000 and above) and have demonstrated excellence in writing a term paper in one of those upper-level courses.

Winfred A Harbison Endowed Memorial Scholarship

This award is given to at least one major who has completed at least five courses in history with a high GPA and has demonstrated excellence in writing a term paper in one upper-level history class.

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