Core course offerings

Here is a listing of when MAPH core courses are expected to be offered. There will likely be some variation in actual course availability based on instructor availability and scheduling constraints. Students should refer to this guide for planning purposes only, not as a guarantee that a particular course will be offered in a particular term.


MAPH core courses

Course # Title Frequency Last/next offered
HIS 7855 Memory and History Every other fall F17
HIS 7998 Internship in Public History Every semester N/A
HIS 7999 Master's Project Every semester N/A


Track core courses

Course # Title Frequency Last/next offered
PS 7410 Policy Formation and Implementation Yearly F17
ANT 6555 Cultural Resource Management and Public
Every other winter W17
HIS 7261 African Americans, History, and Memory Periodically F16
GSW 7200 Feminist, Queer, and Gender Theory Every winter W17
HIS 7290 Readings in American Labor History Every winter W18
HIS 7670 Modern American Cities Periodically W17
HIS 7660 Global Cities Periodically F17


Methodology core courses

Course # Title Frequency Last/next offered
ANT 5280 Field Work in the Archaeology of the Americas Every other fall F18
ANT 6570 Archeological Laboratory Analysis Every other year F17
LIS 7710/HIS 7840 Archival Administration Every fall (in person)
and winter (online)
LIS 7770/HIS 7860/ANT 6360 Oral History Periodically F17
LIS 7885/HIS 7880 Administration of Historical Agencies (online) Periodically F17
UP 6700/GPH 6700 Geographical Information Systems Yearly F17