Graduate Certificate in World History curriculum

All students pursuing the World History Bridge Certificate must complete HIS 8310, Seminar in World History, and at least three electives, for a total of 12 credits.

All of the courses listed below are approved electives for the certificate. Not all of the courses are offered on a regular basis. At the discretion of the world history coordinator, history courses with relevant content but not listed here may be used to satisfy certificate requirements (ex. a special topics course).

Course Title
HIS 5130/7130 U.S. Foreign Relations
HIS 5210/7210 Peopling of Modern America
HIS 5251/7251 History of Feminism
HIS 5385/7835 History Christianity to the Reformation
HIS 5386/7836 History of Christianity from the Reformation to the Present
HIS 5480/7480 Nazi Germany
HIS 5490 Russia and Eurasia
HIS 5500/7500 Soviet Union
HIS 5530/7530 History of WWI and II
HIS 5535/7535 History of Terrorism
HIS 5555/7555 Britain in the Age of Empire
HIS 5556/7556 Modern Britain
HIS 5665/7665 Global Cities
HIS 5825 Modern China
HIS 5855 Premodern Japan
HIS 5865 Modern Japan
HIS 5875 Gender in Modern East Asia
HIS 6000 Jews, Christians, and Muslims
HIS 6000 Zionism
HIS 6000 History of Genocide
HIS 7855 History and Memory