English Honors Program application and guidelines

Please consult the following guidelines and requirements to help guarantee the application you submit is the strongest it can be. If you have questions, need clarification, or want feedback before submitting your materials, you are welcome and encouraged to contact the Honors Faculty Coordinator.

Letter of application (one to two pages, single-spaced)

  • Your letter of application should give us a sense of why you became an English major, your work in the major, and what has inspired you to become more involved in it. For example, is there a specific text, assignment, or class that you particularly enjoyed?
  • You might want to mention a significant experience in your life as an English major that inspired you to pursue honors-level work, and/ or an aspect of your personal, professional, educational or extracurricular experience that you bring to your work as an English major

Unofficial academic transcript

Requirements for the honors program: 3.3 overall, 3.5 in the major.

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All English honors applicants must submit one writing sample

The following rules apply to all samples submitted:

  • The sample must come out of English coursework
  • Be strategic in your choice: Select a polished writing sample that best represents your strengths, even if it is not your most recent piece

You may submit a literary analytical essay or a creative writing sample, following the requirements below:

Literary analytical essay

  • Four to six pages, double-spaced, following MLA guidelines for format and citation
  • The paper should possess a clearly articulated argument that is organized logically and supported by strong evidence and analysis.
  • Be sure that it is edited and proofread, incorporating any suggestions for improvement by your professor. (Yes, improving your paper prior to submission is allowed and encouraged!)

Sample creative writing sample

  • The sample may exceed the six-page limit imposed on literary/analytical samples, but quality will count more than quantity
  • Should be a polished, proofread writing sample in their preferred genre several poems, one short story, a novel chapter, or one piece of creative nonfiction
  • Important: Must come from a WSU creative writing course at the 3000-level or above in which you earned a B+ or higher

Letter of support from a faculty member

The faculty member may send letter via email to royanne.smith@wayne.edu.

  • The letter writer should be an instructor who has taught you in a 3000-level or above course in the English department. If you want to seek a letter from an instructor of cross-listed courses or courses below the 3000 level, or from an instructor not at WSU, contact the honors faculty coordinator
  • Pick a letter writer who can really speak to your strengths, and give her/him the tools s/he needs to recommend you
  • Talk to the letter writer in person, request the letter (important) at least two weeks in advance of the date you intend to submit your application, and provide your letter writer with a copy of your application materials

Application to the honors program

Complete the following application and attach required supporting documentation, except for your faculty letter of support.

For questions about application procedures, please contact, Royanne Smith, honors faculty coordinator.

Fields with asterisks (*) are required.

Class standing *

Your letter of support from a faculty member should be sent directly via email to
lisaze@wayne.edu. Do not attach the letter to this application.