Wayne Literary Review Seeking Submissions


The deadline for the Wayne Literary Review 2020 submission is quickly approaching on January 13th.

This undergraduate literary magazine began back in the early 1950s and since then has produced one or two editions per year. Each year, an Executive Student Editor is chosen.  Fulfilling that role this year is Carrie Paveglio.  According to Paveglio, the mission of WLR as “to uplift the literary voices of Wayne State University Students and members of the surrounding Detroit community.”

This year the theme for the WLR is “identity.”  When asked how she chose the theme Paveglio stated:

I chose "identity" as the theme because I am interested in the ways we attach, or separate, ourselves from certain identifiers; how identities exist intergenerationally; how they are intertwined with physical space; and how they may restrict or free us. I hope it will provoke conversation around how our identities shape us as well as how we shape them. Some people choose to live without labels, while others are very connected to their identities—whether they are chosen or placed upon them.

As the Executive Student Editor Paveglio recruited several students to assist in the editing and selecting of pieces for the review.  This year’s readers include Avery Zimmerman, Olivia Yost, Olivia Johnson, and Nicole Saez.  After receiving submissions through the fall semester through mid-January the editing team will select works to be highlighted in the review and begin to assemble it.  The review is published each year prior to the English Department Award Ceremony in April.


Paveglio hopes that the 2020 Wayne Literary Review will be a collection “of all the diversity, resilience, and creativity that has made—and continues to make—WSU and Detroit such a special community.”  She notes that identity is very personal and thus this year’s review should be particularly engaging and unique.  In order to achieve this dynamic, Paveglio suggests to those wanting to submit their work to “be inventive, curious, engaging, weird, surprising, and honest.”

To view submission guidelines or to submit your work, click here.


By Nicole Saez

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