Two English professors receive tenure


Natalie Bakopoulos and Natalia Rakhlin have received tenure on the basis of their accomplishments in research, teaching, and service. Professor Bakopoulos, a specialist in creative writing, was also promoted to the rank of Associate Professor. Her tenure and promotion case rested on the publication of her second book, Scorpionfish (2020). This moving, lyrical novel tells a story about exile, migration, and love in contemporary Greece, probing the moral contours of the refugee crisis as well as the nature of identity. In addition to her outstanding creative work, Professor Bakopoulos is a beloved teacher who encourages students to find their voices and develop their own craft. Professor Rakhlin is a specialist in linguistics, and her work focuses on child language acquisition and developmental language disorders. Her promotion case was based on a series of important publications (14 articles, 10 book chapters) conveying her research into the nature and causes of developmental language disorders, the impact of environmental adversity on language acquisition, and the ways that we acquire sentence structure. Professor Rakhlin has also made important contributions to teaching within the Linguistics Program at Wayne State, where she has mentored students at all levels and developed several new courses. Congratulations to Professor Bakopoulos and Professor Rakhlin on their promotion!

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