Two English lecturers promoted to Senior Lecturer


Ruth Boeder and Kathy Elrick, who both specialize in the field of Composition and Rhetoric, have been promoted to the rank of Senior Lecturer on the basis of their accomplishments in teaching and service. Dr. Boeder's research focuses on the research and writing process, and her work has resulted in curricular innovation within and beyond General Education program in Composition. She also spearheaded the development of an open-access textbook for ENG 3010, which has improved equity and access for our students while also saving them, collectively, thousands of dollars. Dr. Elrick specializes in feminist irony and the rhetoric of satire, and she has made an important contribution to the General Education program in Composition by developing coursework in the field of technical and professional writing. In addition to partnering with entrepreneurs at Tech Town, she has worked with the WSU Libraries to help create digital resources for students in technical and professional writing. Congratulations to Dr. Boeder and Dr. Elrick on their promotion!

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