Department of English scholarship and awards winners announced

The Department of English is proud to announce the recipients of this year's awards and scholarships. We will be holding a virtual awards ceremony this week through our YouTube account.  Congratulations to the following students!



Judith Siegel Pearson Award

First Place: Amy Grant, “To My Sons”

Second Place: Chaddie Kruger, “Rain Light”


Phillip Lawson Hatch, Jr. Memorial Award

First Place: Kathe Erichsen, “Timescapes, Landscapes, Dreamscapes of Home”

Second Place: Malack Jallad, “The Story of Her”

Honorable Mention: Shanmin Sultana, “No Comment”


John Clare Award in Poetry

First Place:

Graduate: Melinda Baker, “Last Summer During a Pandemic”

Undergraduate: Catherine Green, “Footholds”

Second Place:

Undergraduate: Grey Snyder, “A Prayer for Homophobes”

Undergraduate: Arianna Biggens, “Say It With Your Whole Black Mouth”


The Frank G. Tompkins Memorial Writing Awards


First Place:

Graduate: Melinda Baker, “Swans”

Undergraduate: Malack Jallad, “The Story of Her”

Second Place:

Graduate: Bernadette Kelly, “Manitou”

Undergraduate: Santiago Garcia-Leco, “Arriving”


First Place:

Graduate: Brodan Cummingham, “Allfather”

Undergraduate: Reilly Weed, “Valley State”

Second Place:

Graduate: Mallory Lectka, “Salvation”

Undergraduate: Aaminah Tabassum, “The Golden Glimmer”


First Place: Wendy Cave, “A Meeting of the Board”

Second Place: Shreya Desai, “Ridiculous People”


First Place:

Graduate: Niku Rice, “Albatross” (and other poems)

Undergraduate: Grey Snyder, “A Prayer for Homophobes” (and other


Second Place:

Graduate: Catherine Green, “Shelter” (and other poems)

Undergraduate: Malack Jallad, “Siti’s House” (and other poems)


The Christopher T. Leland Endowed Scholarship in Creative Writing

Megan Jones


The Loughead-Eldredge Endowed Scholarship in Creative Writing

Alexandra Smereka


The Stephen H. Tudor Memorial Scholarship in Creative Writing

Mallory Lectka




The Joseph J. & Mary E. Yelda Endowed Merit Scholarship for English

Jeffrey Amato

Gledis Bitraj

Sukayna Davanzo

Krystal Davis

Claire Dingwall

Alexander Heath

Selwa Isa

Cheyanne Manos

Luke McQueen

Grace Powers

Susan Saleh

Elizabeth Vailliencourt

Kahlia Varner


The Gilbert R. & Patricia K. Davis Endowed Merit Scholarship

Megan Pham


The Marion K. Ringe Scholarship

Tamya Bailey

Allison Partin

Alex Shropshire


The Dustin Rose Memorial Scholarship

Rachel Arquero


The Pearl A. Warn Endowed Scholarship in English

Andrew Rodgers


The Frank X. Williams Memorial Annual Scholarship

Alexandra Batton




The Undergraduate Best Essay Award

Amy Loji


Distinguished Graduating Senior Award

Melinda Baker

Kristen Clark

Mac Mohammad


Promising Undergraduate Award (English Department Scholarship)

            Roxanne Finniss

Anton Mikolowski

Gage Scott

Emily Stewart




The Paul and Barbara Couture Scholarship in Rhetoric and Composition

Walter Lucken

The Albert Feigenson Scholarship

Bernadette Kelly


The Professor Arnold L. and Gladys Goldsmith Endowed Memorial Scholarship in English

Jason Durina

The Thomas R. Jasina Endowed Graduate Scholarship in English

Elizabeth Drake

Alexandra Smereka


The Terrance King Endowed Memorial Fellowship in English

Mariel Krupansky

Molli Spalter


The Dennis Turner Memorial Scholarship in Film Studies

Matt Linton

Hunter Tuinstra


The Dr. Karen Louise Haslanger Vaneman Memorial Endowed Scholarship   

Holly Wielechowski




Department of English Diversity and Social Justice Scholarship


Thomas Goins

Kalimah Johnson


Batoul Bazzi


The Daniel Keyes Family Endowed Scholarship

Graduate: Nariman Hawily

Undergraduate: Grace Powers


The Doretta Burke Sheill Endowed Memorial Scholarship


Semia Hamlin

Megan Jones

Isaac Pickell


Malak Abouhassan

Nadia Khan


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