5 Hidden Reading Spots on Wayne Campus


    If you’re an English student, you probably do a fair amount of reading. One of the great joys of literature is the freedom to grab a book, find somewhere quiet, and lose yourself in text. Finding good spaces in which to read, however, can be challenging. Thankfully, the Wayne State campus is large enough that hopeful scholars are at no shortage of options. Here are 5 lesser-known spots on Wayne's campus where one can read in peace, handpicked by the English Department.  


5. English Department Lounge

English Department Lounge

     Close to home, our first recommended reading spot is the English Department Lounge. Warmly lit and cozy, the lounge is connected to the conference room where visiting speakers often present their work (come for a talk, stay to read!) A variety of couches and tables are present for you to use. Looking through the windows gives one an excellent view of the Detroit skyline. Aside from providing a calm reading environment, leftover snacks from department events are occasionally left behind here. The lounge is always left unlocked and can be found on the tenth floor of the Maccabees Building, 5057 Woodward.


4. Music Department Lounge

Music Department Lounge

     Located on the second floor of Old Main, the Music Department Lounge is an airy room with a scattered selection of vinyl chairs. The area is well lit and vending machines can be found in one of the corners, which is always a plus. Unlike the other spots on this list, this lounge is often somewhat noisy, containing Music students and people eating lunch. As such, it’s best used for brief, half-hour reading breaks.

3. Ethnic Heritage Center Rooms

Italian Room

    Some of the more vibrant interiors of Wayne’s campus can be found in rooms decorated by the University’s Ethnic Heritage Center. The heritage rooms, mostly scattered around Manoogian, are designed and furnished in homage to the many nationalities which make up Metropolitan Detroit. For reading purposes, the Italian Room provides a comfortable space where one can focus on a book, featuring cushioned seats hidden amongst faux-marble pillars. The room can be found in the corner of the General Lectures building. 


2. Art Department Basement Cafeteria

Art Department Basement
 The most eclectic area in this list, the basement of the Arts Building features a cafeteria which has largely been forgotten. Plastic chairs, missing tables, and detached wall panels, the space has a distinctly “industrial” vibe. The cafeteria is often empty and almost silent, providing the rare opportunity for seclusion. Although not for everyone, this space may appeal to readers with a flair for the impermanent. Good for poetry?


1. Yamasaki Reflecting Pools

Reflecting Pool

    It’s winter now, which makes this last outdoor location less than ideal for readers. However, the McGregor Memorial Conference Center Reflecting Pool is likely the most tranquil area on campus. Located next to the Art Building, the courtyard was designed by architect Minoru Yamasaki and constructed in 1958. Stone benches and plotted trees surround a series of waterways, with slabs connecting to concrete islands in the water. Comfortably minimalist, students will gather here during warmer weather to chat and recuperate. If looking for a quiet place to read, it’s hard to find anywhere more welcoming than the reflecting pools. 



    Thus concludes our initial list of choice reading spots on campus. Can you think of any that we missed? Send them to us through Facebook or twitter, and they may be included in a future article!

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