Ph.D. job market candidates

Wayne State's Department of Economics is proud to have a number of excellent Ph.D. students on the job market for the 2021/22 year. Our students are interested in academic jobs as well as research-oriented non-academic positions.

Name Primary field Job market paper Primary advisor

John Breen

Time-series econometrics

A Comparison of Long-Memory and Regime-Switching Models of Exchange Rates

Liang Hu

Mohammadmahdi (Mahdi) Farsiabi


Environmental Degradations and the Health Care Impacts: A Case of Mental Health and PM2.5, and Estimation of the Avoidance Behavior

Allen Goodman

Xinghua Li


Marriage market entrance decision with limited information: A game theory approach to test the effectiveness of rational expectation theory on unmarried individuals from China

Stephen J. Spurr

Thomas Wilk


Competitive Analysis Amongst Healthcare Providers: Catchment Area Modeling by Firm & Patient Location

Shooshan Danagoulian