New(ish) course for Fall 2021; ECO 5410/6415 Economics of Race and Gender


The new course ECO 5410/6415 will use economic analysis to help explain persistent differences in economic outcomes by gender and race. We begin by studying how individuals make decisions regarding marriage, children, education, employment, health, and housing. We look at how economic forces, public policies, and historical contexts shape these choices and how these choices affect individual economic outcomes. We then examine the data on economic outcomes, particularly how race and gender differences have changed over time. We will also evaluate government policies which have disparate effects depending on race and gender. Our focus will be on data from the U.S., though data from other countries will also be examined. This course is intended for students in economics, sociology, education, and other disciplines with interests in applying an economic framework to issues of race and gender. ECO 5410/6415 will meet Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30pm to 4:10pm in Room 237, State Hall. 


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