Speech and Language Clinics receive grant to continue vital community programming


Wayne State University’s Speech and Language Out-Patient Clinic has received a grant from the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation (CHMF). The funding will support the treatment of children with communication impairments treated at Children’s Hospital of Michigan who have limited or no medical insurance.

This is the sixth consecutive year that WSU’s Speech and Language Clinics have received this grant from the CHMF.

The clinics provide crucial services for children with pediatric feeding disorders, hearing impairment and autism. The funding will also support the clinic’s parent-based programs.

In addition to children, WSU's Speech and Language Clinics provide services to adults in the metro Detroit area with neurologically-based communication impairments and those who stutter.

“This grant provides the clinics with a unique training opportunity for our clients and our graduate students,” says Karen O’Leary, director of WSU’s Speech and Language Clinics. “This will allow our students to work with a wide range of human communication problems with a culturally and linguistically diverse population.

“Our graduate students also benefit from the expertise of the pediatric speech-language pathologists in the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Department at CHM through lectures and training on special topics. We are grateful to the foundation for their continued support.”

Housed within WSU’s Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, the clinics serve as the initial training site for students enrolled in Wayne State’s M.A. program in Speech-Language Pathology.

Speech-language pathologists at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan also provide additional support through externship training for WSU graduate students.

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Speech and Language Clinics at Wayne State University

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