Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology requirements

Undergraduate/post-bachelor requirements

Wayne State courses

  • SLP 5300: Introduction to SLP
  • SLP 5320: Normal Language Acquisition
  • SLP 5080: Phonetics
  • SLP 5090: A and P of the Speech Mechanism
  • SLP 5310: Clinical Methods
  • SLP 6460: Language and Phonological Disorders (pediatric communication disorders)
  • SLP 6480: Organic Disorders (adult acquired disorders)
  • SLP 5120: Speech Science
  • SLP 5360: Clinical Practice in SLP (clinical practicum) (not all students will have a UG practicum course)
  • AUD 5400: Introduction to Audiology
  • SLP 5420: Aural Rehabilitation
  • Elective major courses (e.g., sign language, AAC, directed studies-please list topic and courses)

Non-Wayne State courses

Equivalent courses for undergraduate programs may group their major courses in a variety of ways. Look for equivalent coursework.

  • Major requirements are documented and reviewed on the Application for Clinical Practice
  • SLP 5090: A and P of the Speech Mechanism > SLP 6360

Non-major course requirements

Multiple courses may meet these requirements. These are non-major requirements for ASHA certification.

  • Statistics (ASHA math requirement), 3 credits
  • Psychology (ASHA behavioral science requirement), 3 credits
  • Sociology, history (ASHA social science requirement), 3 credits
  • Physics or chemistry (ASHA physical science requirement), 3 credits
  • Biology, nutrition (ASHA life science requirement), 3 credits

Other requirements

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