Justice & Society Learning Community (JSLC) Expectations Contract

The Justice & Society Learning Community (JSLC) in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice is offered in association with specifics classes. JSLC classes are different from traditional classes in several ways.

First, they attempt to replicate a small, liberal arts learning environment within a large, public university setting.

Second, the JSLC is designed to create cohorts of students and continuity of instruction across semesters, as well as maximize the number and quality of student-professor interactions. Continuity is achieved through students’ exposure to the same professor for two consecutive semesters, while increased student-professor interactions are achieved through events and service-learning activities built into the course that occur outside the classroom.

Third, the JSLC uses Peer Mentors (PM) to help assist you with the transition to the university classroom. Specifically, the PMs will work with you to refine note-taking skills, proper study habits and writing skills, among other things, to facilitate success in the classroom.

Lastly, the JSLC places a great deal of importance on fostering connectedness among students, faculty, the department, university and City of Detroit.


Students who would like to take CRJ 1010 (CRN # 12621) in fall 2022 (deadline: Aug. 30) should understand the following about the JSLC:

  • There are required events that occur outside of the class' normal meeting times (the most important being the buildOn service event held on a Saturday (TBD for fall 2022) in November
  • The reading load is slightly heavier than a traditional CRJ 1010 course
  • There are usually three to four papers required
  • There is a lot of group work/activity required
  • Students who take CRJ 1010 in fall 2022 are expected to register for the Learning Community section of CRJ 3200 (Police & Society) in winter 2023

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