ECS student chapter started at WSU


The Electrochemical Society (ECS) Detroit student chapter was established in 2020 by graduate and postdoctoral students, along with faculty from Wayne State’s chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science departments, thanks to the support of the National Science Foundation. The chapter is the first and only ECS student chapter in Michigan.

Throughout an inaugural year beset by the pandemic, the chapter successfully organized multiple virtual events involving knowledge-sharing discussions and workshops from dignitaries in electrochemistry and electrocatalysis.

The students initiated electrochemistry workshops hosted by Professor Long Luo from Wayne State University and Professor Tianbiao Liu from Utah State University. This free workshop was offered to undergraduate and graduate students who are using or will use electrochemistry in their careers, teaching them the fundamentals and applications of electrochemistry.

The Trailblazers in Electrochemistry seminar series provided a platform to discuss the new ideas and long-term vision for electrochemistry research of renowned electrochemists. The event was streamed for participants around the globe.

The chapter also invited scholars and industry experts for the seminar series “Powering the Industry with Electrochemistry” and “Coffee Fueled Electrochemistry,” allowing these leaders to share their experience in the electrochemical industry. Both events offered unique opportunities to connect with researchers from academia and the industry.

The ECS Detroit student chapter looks forward to organizing more exciting events in the coming year. For more information and updates, follow the chapter on Twitter @ECS_Detroit or email

By Long Luo, Kunal Velinkar, and Shakila Peli Thanthri

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