Congratulations Dr. Kukulage!


Dhanushika Kukulage defended her dissertation “Identification of Glutathionylated Cysteines Regulating Cell Migration." The new Ph.D. was joined by her advisor, Young-Hoon Ahn, and committee members; Charlier Fehl, Matt Allen, and Jian Wang (Pathology, Wayne State University).

After graduating from the University of Colombo, in Sri Lanka, Dhanushika joined the Ahn Lab in 2018. It was at the Ahn Lab where she made major contributions to the group when she began to study glutathionylation and how it contributes to cell signaling and cancer cell migration. During her time at WSU Chemistry, the research driven student won several awards, including the first-authored three publications, including the Schaap-Rumble Fellowship.

Dhanushika's post-graduation plan is to work as a postdoc with Professor Ahn, at Drexel University, and complete the projects she had been working on involving the protein glutathionylation.

Congratulations Dr. Kukulage!

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