ACS-SA sets records

World's Largest Periodic Table at Wayne State University
The World's Largest Periodic Table at Wayne State University

The Wayne State University American Chemical Society-Student Affiliates (WSU ACS-SA) successfully pulled off two major events this year: Hosting an annual chemistry symposium and, in honor of the International Year of the Periodic Table, creating the world’s largest periodic table — the size of three football fields (more than 190,000 square feet)! Hundreds of volunteers from Wayne State, the ACS Local Section and other surrounding universities achieved worldwide recognition and exposure for the love of chemistry. During the past year, the WSU ACSSA chemistry club was also actively involved in the Detroit community. Members worked with the Cesar Chavez Academy High School to deliver a custom-made teaching laboratory for the students. The club also worked closely with the school to tutor students and deliver teaching labs. This year, the club is focusing on staying active while social distancing. Students plan to run a video series on the group’s YouTube channel, where they will host professors and researchers. They also plan to increase representation of diversity in the chemistry community through promotion of Black scientists and other underrepresented groups, and bring awareness to future events by being better equipped with knowledge of recent issues through workshops and daily discussion. All interested in becoming members can reach the club at wsuacs@ or on any of its social media platforms.

By WSU ACS-SA Executive Board

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