• Winter 2019
    Date Host Speaker Institution Title
    1/7 Haidong Gu Dr. Yuan He Wayne State University Department of Biochemistry, Immunology and Micorbiology The inflammasomes: Role in diseases and mechanism of action
    1/14 Donna Kashian Dr. Vijay Kannappan Georgia Pacific  
    1/16 Victoria Meller Ben Koestler University of Texas Formate: Intracellular signal that promotes Shigella Pathogenesis
    1/28 Markus Friedrich Dr. Peter Hoffmann Wayne State University  
    2/4 Justin Kenney Dr. Thomas Mueller Kansas State University The Homologs of Isocortes & Amygdala in Zebrafish- An Intergrative Evolutionary Developmental Perspective on Brain Function
    2/6 Victoria Meller Dr. Ken Matreyek University of Washington Massively Parallel Assays for Protein Function in Disease
    2/11 Jill Steiner Dr. Alan Wilson Auburn University Consequences of nutrient enrichment and herbivore adaptation for phytoplankton in lakes
    2/13 Victoria Meller Dr. Eillen Tecle University of California, San Diego Investigating the regulation of the Intracellular Pathogen Response: A novel epithelial immune reaction.
    2/18 Lori Pile Dr. Jason Tennessen Indiana University Studies of Cancer Metabolism using Drosophila as a Model System
    2/20 Victoria Meller Dr. Pei Chung Lee NIH Hijacking the host Hippo pathway by a chimeric effector kinase of Legionella pneumophila
    2/25 BSGSA Dr. Yusuf A Hannun Stonybrook Neutral sphingomyelinases, mechanisms and regulation
    3/4 Victoria Meller Dr. Robert Blumenthal University of Toledo Global Regulation in Bacteria-Learning from Lrp
    3/18 Jared Schrader Dr. Seth Childers University of Pittsburgh Compositional regulation of biomolecular condensates enables cell polarity in a bacterium
    3/25 Haidong Gu Dr. Zhilong Yang Kansas State University Selective protein synthesis during poxvirus-induced host shutoff
    4/1 Aleksandar Popadić Dr. Ehab Abouheif McGill University What soldier and super soldier ants teach us about development and evolution
    4/8 Penelope Higgs Dr. Jonathan Dworkin Columbia University A mechanism for quiescence in bacteria and yeast
    4/15 Thomas Dowling Dr. Brian Verrelli VCU Evolutionary genomic applications to biomedicine and biodiversity
    4/22 Markus Friedrich Dr. Elke Buschbeck University of Cincinnati  


  • Fall 2019
    Date Host Speaker Institution Title

    Marianna Sadagurski 

    Dr. Sang Won Park Harvard University The role of BRD7 in glucose metabolism
    9/16 Jared Schrader Dr. Anthony Vecchiarelli University of Michigan- Ann Arbor TBD
    10/7 Chuanzhu Fan Dr. Tim Karr Arizona State What mighty contest discoveries aries from trivial proteomics
    10/14 Victoria Meller Dr. Penelope Higgs Wayne State University TBD
    10/28 Marianna Sadagurski Dr. Sabrina Diano Yale University TBD
    11/11 Tim Dowling Dr. Corey Anderson Valdosta State University The armadillo, the gopher tortoise, and the cocoplum: new insight onto ecology of burrowing species using point-process modeling
    11/25 Haidong Gu Dr. Maria Kalamvoki Univeristy of Kansas Medical Center TBD
    12/9 BSGSA Dr. Mackenzie Mathis  Harvard University Deep learning in the lab; how AI is enabling new insights into animal behavior