• Winter 2021

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    Date Time Host Speaker Institution Title


    Donna Kashian Dr. Kishore Gopalakrishnan Wayne State University Microplastic movement in the environment: Can algae play a role?
    2/1 12:30p-Zoom Victoria Meller Dr. Harmit Malik Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Rules of engagement: molecular arm races between host and viral genomes
    2/8 12:30p-Zoom Marianna Sadagurski Dr. Deborah A Cory-Slechta University of Rochester TBD
    2/15 12:30p-Zoom        
    2/22 12:30p-Zoom Lori Pile Dr. Charlie Fehl Wayne State University TBD
    3/1 12:30p-Zoom BSGSA (Imad) Dr. Shaun Cowley University of Leicester Understanding the role of HDAC1/2 complexes in development and disease
    3/8 12:30p-Zoom Donna Kashian Dr. Reagan Errera NOAA/GLERL Harmful algal bloom ecology from the coastal ocean to the Great Lakes
    3/22 12:30p-Zoom Hanna Hariri Dr. Ming Li University of Michigan TBD
    3/29 12:30p-Zoom Joy Alcedo Dr. Scott Alper University of Colorado TBD
    4/5 12:30p-Zoom Victoria Meller Dr. Barbara Mellone University of Connecticut  TBD
    4/12 12:30p-Zoom Glen Hood Dr. Amy Iler Chicago Botanical Garden The ecological consequences of earlier life cycle events in response to climate change
    4/19 12:30p-Zoom Jared Schrader Dr. Paola Mera UIUC TBD
    4/26 12:30p-Zoom Hanaa Hariri Dr. Mike Henne UT Southwestern Medical Center  TBD


  • Fall 2020

    Join the seminars on our live stream!

    Date Time Host Speaker Institution Title


    Penelope Higgs Dr. Josh Shrout University of Notre Dame The complexity of behavior exhibited by bacteria moving from here to there
    9/21 12:30p-Zoom       TBD
    9/28 12:30p-Zoom Lori Pile Dr. Sophia Lunt Michigan State University Deciphering metabolic reprogramming in cancer
    10/5 12:30p-Zoom Donna Kashian Dr. Mike Fracker University of Michigan Antipredator defenses in tadpoles: physiology to phenotype to performance 
    10/12 12:30p-Zoom Jared Schrader Dr. Sangjin Kim UIUC Probing birth and death of mRNAs in bacteria using single-molecule microscopy
    10/19 12:30p-Zoom BSGSA (Bianca Pereira) Dr. Victor Ambros University of Massachusetts Genetic control of developmental timing in C. elegans
    10/26 12:30p-Zoom Victoria Meller  Dr. Athar Ansari Wayne State University Transcription this way --> Gene looping confers promotes directionality 
    11/2 12:30p-Zoom Penelope Higgs Dr. Sara Blumer-Schuette Oakland University The competition of carbon heats up: the genus Caldicellulosiruptor employs multiple strategies to adhere to plant polysaccharides
    11/9 12:30p-Zoom Joy Alcedo Dr. Arjumand Ghazi Pitt Fat, fertility, and immunity in an aging worm
    11/16 12:30p-Zoom Justin Kenney Dr. Karl Clark Mayo Clinic Genome engineering application for behavioral genetics and beyond
    11/23 12:30p-Zoom       TBD
    11/30 12:30p-Zoom Tom Dowling (Corush) Dr. Luke Harmon Univeristy of Idaho TBD
    12/7 12:30p-Zoom P.C Lee Dr. Mona Wu-Orr Armherst College TBD
    12/14 12:30p-Zoom       TBD


  • Winter 2020
    Date Time Host Speaker Institution Title

    12:30p- BSB 1167      

    Ed Golenberg Dr. Karen Hicks Kenyon College Dissecting the genetic basis of seasonal reproductive development in the moss Physcomitrella patens
    1/13 12:30p- BSB 1167 Miriam Greenberg Dr. Hanaa Hariri UT Southwestern  The emerging roles of organelle contact sites in metabolic homeostasis
    1/29 12:30p- BSB 1167 Victoria Meller Dr. Amit Joshi University of North Carolina Lipid droplet and peroxisome biogenesis at specialized ER subdomains 
    2/3 12:30p- BSB 1167        
    2/10 12:30p- BSB 1167 Victoria Meller Dr. Amy Rumora University of Michigan Saturated and monounsaturated fatty acides differentially regulate nerve function in murine models of prediabetes
    2/12 12:30p- BSB 1178 Lori Pile Dr. Laura Musselman Binghamton University  Using Drosphila to probe the effects of dietary excess
    2/17 12:30p- BSB 1167 BSGSA Dr. Philip Sharp

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Dynamic condensates formed by phase transition in regulation of transcription
    2/24 12:30p- BSB 1167 Weilong Hao Dr. Jian-Ping Xu McMaster University  TBD
    3/2 12:30p- BSB 1167 Jared Schrader Dr. Steph Weber McGill University  TBD
    3/16 12:30p- BSB 1167 Markus Friedrich Dr. Kate Feller University of Minnesota TBD
    323 12:30p- BSB 1167 Marianna Sadagurski Dr. Diane Fingar  University of Michigan TBD
    3/30 12:30p- BSB 1167 Justin Kenney Dr. Karl Clark  Mayo Clinic TBD
    4/6 12:30p- BSB 1167 Joy Alcedo  Dr. Arjumand Ghazi University of Pittsburgh TBD
    4/13 12:30p- BSB 1167 PC Lee Dr. Arne Rietsch Case Western Reserve University  TBD
    4/20 12:30p- BSB 1167 Lori Pile Sophia Hunt Michigan State University  TBD


  • Fall 2019
    Date Time Host Speaker Institution Title

    12:30p- BSB 1167      

    Marianna Sadagurski 

    Dr. Sang Won Park Harvard University The role of BRD7 in glucose metabolism
    9/16 12:30p- BSB 1167 Jared Schrader Dr. Anthony Vecchiarelli University of Michigan- Ann Arbor How do cyanobacteria spatially organize arguably the most important organelle on earth?
    9/30 12:30p- BSB 1167 Victoria Meller Dr. Jared Schrader  Wayne State University  Bacterial RNP Bodies Organize mRNA Decay
    10/7 12:30p- BSB 1167 Chuanzhu Fan Dr. Tim Karr Arizona State What mighty contest aries from trivial proteomics
    10/14 12:30p- BSB 1167 Victoria Meller Dr. Penelope Higgs Wayne State University Regulation of cell fate segregation in the bacterium Myxococcus xanthus: a complex signal transduction and gene regulation network
    10/21 12:30p- BSB 1167 Jared Schrader Dr. Jason Peters University of Wisconsin  CRISPR-based Functional Genomics in Bacteria
    10/28 12:30p- BSB 1167 Marianna Sadagurski Dr. Sabrina Diano Yale University Mitochondria and nutrient sensing in the brain
    11/11 12:30p- BSB 1167 Tim Dowling Dr. Corey Anderson Valdosta State University New insight into gopher tortoise burrow ecology and seed dispersal based on point-process modeling
    11/25 12:30p- BSB 1167 Haidong Gu Dr. Maria Kalamvoki University of Kansas Medical Center Biogenesis and functions of extracellular vesicles released during HSV-1 infection
    12/9 12:30p- BSB 1167 BSGSA Dr. Mackenzie Mathis  Harvard University Deep learning in the lab; how AI is enabling new insights into animal behavior


  • Winter 2019
    Date Host Speaker Institution Title
    1/7 Haidong Gu Dr. Yuan He Wayne State University Department of Biochemistry, Immunology and Micorbiology The inflammasomes: Role in diseases and mechanism of action
    1/14 Donna Kashian Dr. Vijay Kannappan Georgia Pacific  
    1/16 Victoria Meller Ben Koestler University of Texas Formate: Intracellular signal that promotes Shigella Pathogenesis
    1/28 Markus Friedrich Dr. Peter Hoffmann Wayne State University  
    2/4 Justin Kenney Dr. Thomas Mueller Kansas State University The Homologs of Isocortes & Amygdala in Zebrafish- An Intergrative Evolutionary Developmental Perspective on Brain Function
    2/6 Victoria Meller Dr. Ken Matreyek University of Washington Massively Parallel Assays for Protein Function in Disease
    2/11 Jill Steiner Dr. Alan Wilson Auburn University Consequences of nutrient enrichment and herbivore adaptation for phytoplankton in lakes
    2/13 Victoria Meller Dr. Eillen Tecle University of California, San Diego Investigating the regulation of the Intracellular Pathogen Response: A novel epithelial immune reaction.
    2/18 Lori Pile Dr. Jason Tennessen Indiana University Studies of Cancer Metabolism using Drosophila as a Model System
    2/20 Victoria Meller Dr. Pei Chung Lee NIH Hijacking the host Hippo pathway by a chimeric effector kinase of Legionella pneumophila
    2/25 BSGSA Dr. Yusuf A Hannun Stonybrook Neutral sphingomyelinases, mechanisms and regulation
    3/4 Victoria Meller Dr. Robert Blumenthal University of Toledo Global Regulation in Bacteria-Learning from Lrp
    3/18 Jared Schrader Dr. Seth Childers University of Pittsburgh Compositional regulation of biomolecular condensates enables cell polarity in a bacterium
    3/25 Haidong Gu Dr. Zhilong Yang Kansas State University Selective protein synthesis during poxvirus-induced host shutoff
    4/1 Aleksandar Popadić Dr. Ehab Abouheif McGill University What soldier and super soldier ants teach us about development and evolution
    4/8 Penelope Higgs Dr. Jonathan Dworkin Columbia University A mechanism for quiescence in bacteria and yeast
    4/15 Thomas Dowling Dr. Brian Verrelli VCU Evolutionary genomic applications to biomedicine and biodiversity
    4/22 Markus Friedrich Dr. Elke Buschbeck University of Cincinnati