Career outlook

A degree in biological sciences (biology)

Students can expect to gain knowledge across multiple science disciplines with a bachelor of science in biological sciences including chemistry, physics, and math/statistics. Students completing the bachelor of arts will also gain knowledge in chemistry and math/statistics and can focus elective credits to an additional area of interest or a minor.

While completing a degree in biological sciences students will have an option to receive credit from conducting research on campus with a faculty member to build experience for a professional research career or to move forward into an advanced degree.

Transferable skills

A biological sciences degree offers skills in:

  • Scientific rules, methods, and problem solving
  • Critical thinking, logic, and reasoning
  • Reading comprehension
  • Active listening
  • Complex problem solving
  • Deductive and inductive reasoning

Some careers in biological sciences

Career Median salary Market growth
Biological Science Teachers, Postsecondary $75,320 14%
Biological Technicians $41,650 5 – 8%
Natural Sciences Managers $120,160 2 – 4% 
Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists $59,680 2 – 4% 
Molecular and Cellular Biologists $75,150 -1%-1%
Genetics $75,150 -1%-1%

Source: O*NET Online, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration

Graduate study

This degree also provides a solid foundation for graduate study in:

Notable people with a biological sciences major

  • Barbara Ross-Lee (osteopathic physician, first African American dean of a U.S. medical school, WSU graduate, sister of Diana Ross of The Supremes)
  • Dexter Holland (lead singer of Offspring has both a bachelor of science and a master of science in molecular biology)
  • Millie Hughes (Fulford Molecular Biologist flew on a NASA mission)
  • Christine Poon (vice chair of Johnson Johnson, Fortune 500 company)
  • Lisa Kudrow (actress from the hit sitcom, Friends)

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