The Natural History Museum introduces new summer hours


The Wayne State Natural History Museum introduced its new summer hours. Now students and the public alike can learn from the museum's taxidermized animals, fossils, skeletons, and plant displays from across the world. The museum will be open from 3 to 6 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays and will have students available to answer questions and give tours of the exhibits.

The museum is run by Dan Kashian, associate chair of biological sciences, who is passionate about his field and the museum that Wayne State has curated over the years.

The biology department is excited to open its doors to people outside of Wayne State and invite people to learn about our planet's biodiversity. Kashian wants to expose residents of Detroit and beyond to natural history through the museum since this is the only natural history museum in the city.

"This museum is a fantastic place for people to come and view all the different kinds of life, the birds, the mammals, the reptiles, the amphibians, and the skeletons and shells," said Kashian. "We have all kinds of things here for people to see that they may not otherwise see."

The Natural History Museum is a great educational experience that displays the many forms of life that inhabit our planet. Wayne State has a collection of animals that still walk the earth and some that have gone extinct over the years. Kashian explained that keeping the exhibits of extinct animals reminds us that we have to protect and not overhunt certain species.

"The museum is one of our best-kept secrets that we don't want to keep a secret anymore," said Kashian. "We want to have people come and visit our museum as much as possible."

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