Students from the Kashian lab bring nature to the residents of Westlake Health Campus

The students of Wayne State’s Kashian Lab brought wildlife to the residents of Westlake Health Campus — an assisted living facility in Commerce Twp, Mi. to help educate them on the life that exists in the community’s pond.

Kashian Lab at Westlake Health

The outreach event was coordinated by Brenna Friday, a Ph.D. student in biological sciences who researches the impact harmful algal blooms can have on larval amphibians.

Friday was interested in not only testing the waters of the pond but also wanted to give her team a chance to share their knowledge through a fun and interactive event.

Accompanied by Dr. Kashian and fellow Kashian Lab students, Friday started the event by collecting water samples and organisms such as tadpoles, frogs, and other lifeforms in the pond. After the samples were collected, the group gave residents a hands-on presentation about what lives in the pond and how that ecosystem functions.

The event consisted of water testing, an equipment demonstrations, and ended with a question and answer segment.

The demonstration was made possible with the help of Westlake Life Enrichment Director Susan Voydanoff.

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