Our Newest Student Alumnae!


Master's of Science

M.S. Biological Sciences

-Lisa Hanna, 2019. Advisor Aleksandar Popadić

Presentation Title:  Spiracles, trachea, and glands: development and evolution of an insect respiratory system

-Asia Hightower, 2020. Advisor Edward Golenberg

Presentation Title:  Functional specialization of alternative zinc finger proteins in vegetative and reproductive meristem regulation

-Julia Sosin, 2019. Advisor Daniel Kashian

Presentation Title:  Successional changes in plant ecological species groups and fuels on a jack pine-dominated landscape in northern lower Michigan

M.S. Biotechnology

-Lisa Koshko, 2020. Advisor Marianna Sadagurski

Presentation Title:  Metabolic reprogramming by in utero maternal benzene exposure

-Aaron Kren, 2020.  Advisor Victoria Meller

Presentation Title: Visualization of the effects of MSL recruiting elements on chromosome location

Master's of Arts

-Hazar Younis, 2020

Doctoral Level

Those receiving Ph.D. degrees include:

- Brooke Feeley, 2020. Advisor Penelope Higgs

Dissertation Title:  The role of SER/THR phosphorylation on MRPC, a master transcriptional regulator controlling the Myxococcus Xanthus developmental program

-Han Cheong, 2019. Advisor Mark VanBerkum

Dissertation Title:  Abelson tyrosine kinase links axon guidance receptors to cytoskeletal dynamics through protein-protein interactions mediated by its C-terminal domain

-Zuzer Dhoondia, 2020. Advisor Athar Ansari

Dissertation Title:  Termination-independent role of Rat1 in cotranscriptional splicing in budding yeast

-Shashwat Mishra, 2020. Advisor Joy Alcedo

Dissertation Title:  Specific sensory neurons and insulin-like peptides modulate discrete stages of C. elegans oogenesis in response to food quality

-Abby Wicks, 2019. Advisor Thomas Dowling

Dissertation Title:  Evolutionary ecology of the native Johnny Darter (Etheostoma nigrum) and the invasive round goby (Neogobius melanostomus): a genomic perspective

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