Nikhil Yedulla applies synthetic biology to a new microorganism


Many undergraduate students look for research opportunities at Wayne State laboratories and a few venture further afield. Nikhil Yedulla, a fourth year Biology major, had an amazing opportunity to work in the laboratory of Dr. George Church, the renowned geneticist and National Academy of Sciences member, at Harvard University.

Nikhil was accepted by the Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program for the summer of 2018. This competitive research program pairs students with faculty mentors. Nikhil studied Vibrio natriegens, a bacterium native to salt marshes. With a remarkably rapid doubling time of less than 10 minutes, this species has become an interesting new model organism.

Nikhil utilized genetic engineering and microbiology techniques to explore the biomedical applications of V. natriegens. After completing his degree at Wayne State, Nikhil plans to attend medical school and is interested in continuing research as a practicing physician.


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