Biology grad students Nadra Al-Husini and Ambikai Gajan pull in awards


Nadra Al-Husini and Ambikai Gajan, two Ph.D. students in the Department of Biological Sciences won awards from the 2012 Graduate Student Research Day that was held in the Medical School in Scott Hall.

Ms. Al-Husini received first place for her poster entitled, "A Novel Role for CF1 3' End Processing Complex in Initiation of Transcription." She is working with Dr. Athar Ansari. Ms. Ambikai Gajan, a graduate student in Dr. Lori Pile's lab, earned second place with her poster " Functional Association of the Histone Demethylase LID with the SIN3 HDAC Complex."

In total, there were 84 posters presented at the Research Day this year, and so competition was stiff. Congratulations to Nadra and Ambikai!

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