Awards given to students for outstanding work


Congratulations to the following award winners and their accomplishments throughout the year!

Outstanding GTAs:
Ali Shakoor – Donna Kashian Lab     
Julia Sosin – Dan Kashian Lab
Feng Tao – Chuanzhu Fan Lab
Outstanding IA:
Rebecca Jackson
Outstanding GRAs:
James Aretakis – Jared Schrader Lab
Praneet Marwah – Dave Njus Lab
Nick West – Ed Golenberg Lab

Pictured in image (left to right): Outstanding GTA Feng Tao (Fan lab), Outstanding GRA Praneet Marwah (Njus lab), outstanding GRA Nick West (Golenberg lab), outstanding GTA Ali Shakoor (Donna Kashian lab), Outsanding GRT James Aretakis (Schrader lab). Award recipients not pictured:  Julia Sosin (GTA) and Rebecca Jackson (IA)


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