The cultural hub of Detroit heats up


Developments in midtown Detroit 

Wayne State University is the heart of Midtown Detroit, a diverse community of roughly 50,000 residents. Both the campus and surrounding neighborhoods have changed a lot over the last decade. An award-winning renovation of a vacant car dealership created the Integrative Biosciences (IBio) Center. The IBio Center provides sleek new research space for investigators at Wayne State University, including Biological Sciences, and from the private sector.

A spectacular renovation of the student center was completed in 2015. And later this year the first stage of a complex of apartments and shops will open on Anthony Wayne Boulevard. Neighborhoods around campus are also bursting with new developments. Midtown is home to 80 restaurants, 13 theatres, 12 galleries, 8 museums, 2 historic inns, 2 radio stations, and a symphony orchestra. Unsurprisingly, Midtown has become the hottest real estate market in Detroit. New apartment buildings have sprung up, and historic industrial buildings are being converted into lofts.

Transportation in Midtown has undergone a revolution with the launching of the QLine, running along Woodward from downtown to Grand Boulevard. Zip cars can be found in most WSU parking lots, and bike and scooter rentals make the cultural hub of Detroit more accessible than ever.

Midtown hosts several annual festivals such as the Marche du Nain Rouge in early spring, which uses revelry to chase away the devil that beleaguers Detroit. Dally in the Alley, a celebration of art, music, food, and community, is set in early September. Noel Night, which takes place on Dec. 1 this year, features free entertainment and admission to many of Detroit’s well-known museums. Biological Sciences will join several other WSU departments this year and be open on Noel Night evening to welcome you back to Midtown. If you have been meaning to check out a Midtown restaurant and ride the QLine, now is the time!

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