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Welcome to the WRT Zone

The WRT Zone (2nd floor, UGL) provides individual tutoring consultations, research assistance from librarians, and technology consultants, all free of charge for graduate and undergraduate students at WSU.  The WRT Zone serves as a resource for writers, researchers, and students’ technology projects.  Sessions are run by Undergraduate and Graduate tutors, last up to 50 minutes, and tutors will work with students from initial idea development for an assignment all the way to the final draft of the assignment.


Tutoring sessions focus on a range of activities in the writing process – considering the audience, analyzing the assignment or genre, brainstorming, researching, writing drafts, revising, editing, and preparing documentation.  The WRT Zone is not an editing or proofreading service; rather, tutors work collaboratively with students to support them in developing relevant skills and knowledge, from developing an idea to editing for grammar and mechanics.


Spring/Summer: May 23rd-August 14th 


Monday 11-3

Tuesday 11-3

Wednesday 11-3

Thursday 11-3

Friday (Online Only) 4-9

Sunday (Online Only) 5-9

 To make an appointment, please call us at (313) 577-2544, email us at engwc2310@wayne.edu, or click on the appointment scheduling link below.

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