A Semester Opportunity with Greenpeace


An exciting opportunity, the Greenpeace Organizing Term (www.greenpeace.org/got), is available. The GOT is an action-packed semester of travel and training. It's a hands-on training program designed to give you the skills to be an environmental leader.

You'll learn about current environmental issues and solutions while being trained by experts in grassroots organizing, leadership, media, and campaign strategy.

You'll travel internationally with Greenpeace to work with activists abroad. Also, you'll learn how to engage in peaceful direct action, climb, and drive Greenpeace boats!

On top of all of that, many students are able to receive class credit for the semester.

Spend a Semester with Greenpeace


Our Summer and Fall classes is filling up, and early applications are due February 2nd!

Apply now at http://www.greenpeace.org/got.

The semester is offered in the Washington D.C. and San Francisco Greenpeace offices.

Contact program staff with questions at got@wdc.greenpeace.org or 877-450-3517 ext. 320.



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