Welcome to the Wayne State Museum of Natural History. We are located, on campus, in the Biological Sciences Building, 5047 Gullen Mall room 1155.

We house the largest collection of vertebrate specimens on campus, plus other curiosities. The WSMNH has exotic species on display from all over the world. Where else would one see a tiger on campus? Along with our exotic species, Michigan species are also on display. We have the many large mammal species that one would encounter while hiking in Michigan's backcountry. Come in and learn interesting facts about Michigan's diverse fauna

The WSMNH is an educational site; our goal is to promote interest in natural history and its related fields.

We offer guided tours of the museum, which are ideal for classes or families interested in learning about the natural history and other topics like: 

Diversity in Nature Adaptation
Michigan Plants and Animals
Evolution and Extinction
Animal Classification

The WSMNH also houses large ornithological, herpetological and mammal research collections. Osteological and tissue samples from many species along with pickled specimens prove to be valuable in fields such as evolutionary biology, paleontology, and archaeology.

Please call for information, hours, and appointments. 313-577-2872


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