Marvin Zalman - Professor

Education                                                                                                                                                                                                                               B.A. Cornell University, 1963; J.D., Brooklyn Law School, 1966; M.A., Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany (School of Criminal Justice), 1971, 1977

Professor Zalman came to Wayne State University in 1980 as chair of the then new Criminal Justice Department. He previously taught at the Criminal Justice Department at Michigan State University and in the law faculty at Ahmadu Bello University in northern Nigeria. His work in constitutional criminal procedure focuses on the limits of state power and individual liberty. His textbook/case book, Criminal Procedure: Constitution and Society, 4th edition (Prentice Hall 2005) integrates legal, social scientific, and criminal justice policy approaches. He currently serves on the editorial boards of several scholarly journals: Criminal Law Bulletin, Criminal Justice Review, Journal of Crime & Justice and Justice System Journal. He is listed in Who's Who in American Law (14th edition, 2005-2006) and Who's Who in America (60th edition, 2006).

Selected Publications

Marvin Zalman, Brad Smith & Angie Kiger, Officials' Estimates of "Actual Innocence" Convictions, Justice Quarterly, 25(1):72-100 (2008).   


Marvin Zalman & Brad Smith, The Attitudes of Police Executives Toward Miranda and Interrogation Policies, Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology, 97(3):873-942 (2007). 


Marvin Zalman, Criminal Justice System Reform and Wrongful Conviction, Criminal Justice Policy Review, 17(4):468-492 (2006).

Marvin Zalman, Cautionary Notes on Commission Recommendations: A Public Policy Approach to Wrongful Convictions, Criminal Law Bulletin 41(2): 169-94 (2005)

Marvin Zalman and Olga Tsoudis: "Plucking Weeds from the Garden: Lawyers Speak about Voir Dire" Wayne Law Review 50 no. 4 (2005 - forthcoming)

 Reading the Tea Leaves of Chavez v. Martinez: The Future of Miranda, Criminal Law Bulletin 40 (4): 299-368 (2004)

John Strate and Marvin Zalman, "Interest Group Lobbying on a Morality Policy Issue: The Case of Physician-Assisted Suicide," American Review of Politics 24:321-342 (2003)

Marvin Zalman, The Coming Paradigm Shift on Miranda: The Impact of Chavez v. Martinez, Criminal Law Bulletin 39(3):334-52 (2003).

Marvin Zalman and Elsa Shartsis, "A Roadblock Too Far? Justice O'Connor's Left Turn On the Fourth," Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 19(2):182-204 (2003).

Marvin Zalman, Criminal Justice and the Future of Civil Liberties" Criminal Justice Review, 25(2) 181-206 (2000).

Courses Taught
Constitutional Criminal Procedure
The Judicial Process
Topics in Justice and Law: Wrongful Conviction
Contemporary Criminal Justice (graduate)

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3259 Faculty/Administration Building
Research Area
Criminal justice policy
Law and Society
Legal Issues
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