The Labor Studies Center is a comprehensive labor education center committed to strengthening the capacity of organized labor to represent the needs and interests of workers, while at the same time strengthening the University's research and teaching on labor and workplace issues.


The Center's primary areas of research and practice include:

  • Training and technical assistance to unions on labor relations and workplace issues.
  • An undergraduate Labor Studies major, Employment and Labor Relations, and internship program.
  • Interventions to increase the organizational effectiveness of unions.
  • The development and diffusion of constructive labor-management relations practices, particularly in the public sector.


The Labor School's Leadership Development Program
The Labor School will allow you to strengthen your leadership capabilities, develop innovative strategies and provide a forum for sharing ideas.  There are no grades and no exams.  Upon successful completion, students will receive a certificate from the Labor School.

PLEASE NOTE:  Labor School students, it is your last chance to obtain your 10 credits towards your degree!  You may be eligible to receive 10-credit hours upon admission to Wayne State University undergraduate programs.  However, you must be admitted by Fall 2016, but can begin classes anytime after the Fall term.


NEW...50th Anniversary Celebration for the Labor School

Fall 2016 Workshops and Conference Schedule Pending
On-Campus Workshops, Online Courses and Customized Training

Labor-Management Training

Employment Law Resources



Contact Information:

The Labor Studies Center
3178 FAB, 656 W. Kirby
Detroit, MI  48202

Phone:  (313) 577-2191


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