Kameshwari (Kami) Pothukuchi - Director / Associate Professor



  • Community food systems (browse SEED Wayne website, watch a video)
  • Community participation in planning
  • Race, gender, ethnicity issues in community planning

Teaching (Recent)

  • UP 7010:  Planning and Decision Theory
  • UP 6210:  Urban Design Elements; Workshop
  • UP 5430 (W):  Cities and Food
  • UP 5610:  Managing public participation 

Selected Publications

  • Pothukuchi, K. 2015. Five decades of community food planning in Detroit: City and grassroots, growth and equity. Journal of Planning Education and Research, June, DOI: 10.1177/0739456X15586630
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2015. Urban agriculture in Detroit: History and Prospects (pages 279-298). In M. H. Chumbler, S. E. Negro, and L. E. Bechler, eds., Urban Agriculture: Policy, Law, Strategy, and Implementation. Chicago: American Bar Association, Section on State and Local Government Law.
  • Pothukuchi, K. and S. Molnar. 2015. Sustainable Food Systems at Urban Public Universities: A survey of U-21 Universities, Journal of Urban Affairs,
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2012. Building sustainable food systems in a single bottom line context: Lessons from SEED Wayne, Wayne State University. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development, 2(3): 103-119.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2011. The Detroit Food System Report, 2009-10. Detroit: Detroit Food Policy Council. The full report is here.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2010. Building sustainable, just food systems in Detroit. Sustainability, 4(4): 193-198.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2009. Community and Regional Food Planning: Building Institutional Support in the United States, International Planning Studies 14(4): 349-67.
  • Pothukuchi, K. and R. Wallace. 2009. Healthy, Equitable Transportation Policy: Recommendations and Research (S. Malekafzali, ed).  Oakland, CA: Policy Link, Prevention Institute, and Convergence Partnership, pp. 113-130.
  • Pothukuchi, K., R. Mohamed and D. Gebben. 2008. Explaining disparities in food code compliance by food stores: Does community matter? Agriculture and Human Values, forthcoming, 25 (3), 319-332, Fall.
  • Kaufman, J., K. Pothukuchi, and D. Glosser (in consultation with American Planning Association members). 2007. "Community and Regional Food Planning: A Policy Guide of the American Planning Association." Formally adopted by APA Legislative and Policy Committee, Delegates Assembly, and the APA Board at the 2007 APA national conference, Philadelphia.  
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2007.  Building Community Food Security: Lessons from Community Food Projects, 1999-2003. Los Angeles: Community Food Security Coalition.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2005. “Building partnerships for health: Assessing action research components in a university-community collaboration,” Planning Practice and Research, 20(2): 127-146.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2005. “Attracting grocery retail to the inner city: Economic Development outside the box.” Economic Development Quarterly, 19(2): 232-44.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2004. “Hortaliza: Youth ‘nutrition garden’ in Southwest Detroit,” Field Report, Children, Youth, and Environments, 14(2).
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2004. “Community Food Assessment: A First Step in Planning for Community Food Security,” Journal of Planning Education and Research, 23(4): 356-77.
  • Pothukuchi, K., H. Joseph, H. Burton, and A. Fisher. 2002. What's Cooking in Your Food System? A Guide to Community Food Assessment; Los Angeles: Community Food Security Coalition.
  • Pothukuchi, K. 2001. "Effectiveness and empowerment in shelter policy: Lessons from a study of working women's hostels in Bangalore, India." International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 25(2): 362-79, June. 
  • Pothukuchi, K. and J. Kaufman. 2000. "The food system: A stranger to urban planning." Journal of the American Planning Association, 66(2): 113:24, Spring.
  • Pothukuchi, K. and J. Kaufman. 1999. "Placing food issues on the community agenda: The role of municipal institutions in food systems planning." Agriculture and Human Values, 16: 213-24, Fall.

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Selected publications aimed at community-based audiences, food advocacy community, opinions.

Selected invited lectures/ invited presentations

  • 2014   Iowa State University (College of Design; Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture), Ames, April 9.
  • 2014   Urban Agriculture in Detroit: History and prospects, American Bar Association, Local and State Government Section, Asheville, NC, April 25.
  • 2012   Models of food planning in the United States, Planning for food – towards a prosperous, resilient and healthy food system through Victoria’s Metropolitan Planning Strategy, forum organized by Victorian Health Alliance and Heart Foundation, Melbourne, Australia, November 9.
  • 2011   Sustainable food systems in large public institutes: SEED Wayne in Detroit, USA, OtherWise Lecture Series, Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands, November 29.
  • 2011   Campus-community collaboration for sustainable food systems: The SEED Wayne experience, Berea College, Kentucky, October 21.
  • 2010   Food Planning: A Resource for Healthy People, Communities, and Regions, Regional Food Summit, St. Louis, MO, March 4.
  • 2009   “The Food and Transportation Systems: Convergence for Health” presented at American Public Health Association Annual Conference, Invited participation on panel convened by Prevention Institute, Philadelphia, PA, November 11.
  • 2008   Keynote, “Community and Regional Food Planning,” at Feeding the City conference convened by Cardiff University, Department of City and Regional Planning, Cardiff, Wales, UK, November 5-6.
  • 2007   Keynote, “Community and Regional Food Planning," University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, September 14.
  • 2007   Keynote, Future Foods for Future Health Conference, co-sponsored by VicHealth, Melbourne, Australia, July 25.
  • 2007   Community and regional food planning, to planners, public health and food system advocates, Melbourne (July 23-25) and Sydney (July 19), Australia.
  • 2007   “Food planning for (d)well-being” (April 5), (D)wellbeing Lecture Series, and presentation to environmental planning class (April 6), University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
  • 2007   “State policies and planning for food access,” Southwest Food Marketing Network Annual Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, March 26.
  • 2006   Public Lecture (Sept. 26) and panel participation (Sept. 27) “Community Food Security: Concepts and practices,” organized by New Orleans Food and Farm Network, New Orleans, LA.
  • 2006   “Lessons from successful supermarkets in low income areas,” National Conference of State Legislatures Food Policy Field Trips, Philadelphia, PA, Sept. 8.
  • 2006   “Building capacity for community food security,” Food for Talk Seminar Series, York University, Toronto, January 27.
  • 2006   “Getting more: Policy tools for the Triple Bottom Line in Retail Grocery,” at From Pilots to Practice Conference, Prevention Institute, San Francisco, CA, January 11-12.
  • 2005. Keynote panel. “Building sustainable food systems: What works” Sustainable Landscapes Conference, Utah State University, Logan, UT, April 5.
  • 2004   Public Lecture, Toledo Botanical Society, “Building a Sustainable Food System: What Works,” Sanger Public Library, Toledo, August 13. 


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