Kami Pothukuchi - Director / Associate Professor

Research Interests

  • Community food systems (browse SEED Wayne website, watch a video)
  • Community participation in planning
  • Gender and shelter
  • Race, gender, ethnicity issues in community planning


Selected Publications

  • K. Pothukuchi, The Detroit Food System Report, 2009-10. Detroit: Detroit Food Policy Council, 2011. The full report is here.
  • K. Pothukuchi, Community and Regional Food Planning: Building Institutional Support in the United States, International Planning Studies, forthcoming.
  • K.Pothukuchi, R. Mohamed and D. Gebben. Explaining disparities in food code compliance by food stores: Does community matter? Agriculture and Human Values, forthcoming, 25 (3), Fall, 2008.
  • J. Kaufman, K. Pothukuchi, and D. Glosser (in consultation with American Planning Association members). "Community and Regional Food Planning: A Policy Guide of the American Planning Association." Formally adopted by APA Legislative and Policy Committee and chapter delegates, at the 2007 APA national conference, Philadelphia.  Click here to obtain Policy Guide.
  • K. Pothukuchi.  Building Community Food Security: Lessons from Community Food Projects, 1999-2003. Los Angeles: Community Food Security Coalition, 2007
  • K. Pothukuchi. “Building partnerships for health: Assessing action research components in a university-community collaboration,” Planning Practice and Research, 20(2): 127-146, 2005.
  • K. Pothukuchi. “Attracting grocery retail to the inner city: Economic Development outside the box.” Economic Development Quarterly, 19(2): 232-44, 2005.
  • K. Pothukuchi. “Hortaliza: Youth ‘nutrition garden’ in Southwest Detroit,” Field Report, Children, Youth, and Environments, 14(2), 2004.
  • “Community Food Assessment: A First Step in Planning for Community Food Security,” Journal of Planning Education and Research, 23(4): 356-77, 2004.
  • K Pothukuchi. "Effectiveness and empowerment in shelter policy: Lessons from a study of working women's hostels in Bangalore, India." International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 25(2): 362-79, June. 2001.

Selected Professional Publications, Technical reports, other

  • Op-ed, “State gambles with families on food stamp distributions,” Lansing State Journal, April 29, 2008.
  • K. Pothukuchi, J. Kaufman and D. Glosser. Community and Regional Food Planning. Planning Advisory Service Memo (Sept/Oct). Chicago: American Planning Association, 2007.
  • K. Pothukuchi, "Benefits of Urban Agriculture," in Urban Agriculture, Policy Report of the Council of Agriculture, Science, and Technology (CAST), Lorna Michael Butler and Dale Maronek (eds). Washington DC: CAST. 2002.
  • K. Pothukuchi. Book review of "This Organic Life " (by J. D. Gussow), Community Food Security News, Winter. 2001.

Selected Invited Public Lectures

  • Public lecture on Community and Regional Planning for Sustainable Food Systems, Cincinnati, OH, December 10, 2009.
  • Keynote lecture, Community and Regional Food Planning: Integrating health, economic, and ecological benefits.  Future Foods for Future Health Conference, co-sponsored by VicHealth, Melbourne, Australia, July 25, 2007.
  • Public lectures on community and regional food planning, to planners, public health and food system advocates, Melbourne (July 23-25) and Sydney (July 19), Australia, 2007.
  • Keynote lecture, “Community and Regional Food Planning," University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, September 14, 2007.
  • Invited public lecture, (D)wellbeing Lecture Series “Food planning for (d)well-being,”  University of British Columbia, Vancouver, April 5, 2007.
  • Public lecture, (Sept. 26) and panel participation (Sept. 27) “Community Food Security: Concepts and practices,” organized by New Orleans Food and Farm Network, New Orleans, LA, 2006.
  • Presentation, “Lessons from successful supermarkets in low income areas,” National Conference of State Legislatures Food Policy Field Trips, Philadelphia, PA, Sept. 8, 2006.
  • Public lecture, “Building capacity for community food security: Retail grocery,” Food for Talk Seminar Series, York University, Toronto, January 27, 2006.
  • Plenary lecture, “Building sustainable food systems: What works” Sustainable Landscapes Conference, Utah State University, Logan, UT, April 5, 2005
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