Faculty Profile
Anne E. Duggan is Professor of French and Chair of the Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.

MA and Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Research and Teaching Interests
    •    Early Modern French Studies
    •    Fairy-Tale Studies
    •    Gender and Sexuality Studies





  • “Madeleine de Scudéry’s Animal Sublime, or Of Chameleons.” Ecozon 7.1 (forthcoming 2016): 28-42.
  • "Binary Outlaws: Queering the Classical Tale in François Ozon’s Criminal Lovers and Catherine Breillat’s Sleeping Beauty.” New Approaches to Teaching Folk and Fairy Tales. Eds. Christa Jones and Claudia Schwabe. Boulder: University Press of Colorado, 2016. Forthcoming.
  • “The Fairy-Tale film in France: Postwar Reimagnings.” Fairy-Tale Films beyond Disney: International Perspectives. Ed. Jack Zipes, Pauline Greenhill, and Kendra Magnus-Johnston. New York: Routledge, 2016. 64-79.
  • “From Genie to Efreet: Fantastic Apparitions in the Tales of The Arabian Nights.” Journal for the Fantastic in the Arts 26.1 (2015): 113-25.
  • “The Reception of the Grimms in Nineteenth-Century France: Volkspoesie and the Reconceptualization of the French Fairy-Tale Tradition.” Fabula: Journal of Folklore Studies 55.3/4 (2014): 260-85.
  • “L’Adultère dans l’histoire tragique,” Le mariage dans la littérature narrative avant 1800, Les Actes de la SATOR. Dir. F. Lavocat, avec la coll. De G. Haucoeur. Collection La République des Lettres. Louvain: Peeters,  2014. 651-61.
  • "Epicurean Cannibalism, or France Gone Savage,” French Studies (Fall 2013): 463-77.
  • "The Revolutionary Undoing of the Maiden Warrior in Riyoko Ikeda’s The Rose of Versailles and Jacques Demy’s Lady Oscar,” Marvels & Tales 27.1 (Spring 2013): 34-51.


  • Co-Editor, Marvels & Tales: Journal of Fairy-Tale Studies. With Cristina Bacchilega (June 2013-present).
  • Wayne State University Press Advisory Board (September 2011-present).
  • Advisory Board, Wayne State University Press Series in Fairy-Tale Studies, (Fall 2003-present).



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