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The Urban Studies Program is an undergraduate interdisciplinary course of study leading to a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies.  The program also offers a minor course of study in the field. 

The Urban Studies program is flexible enough to serve a wide variety of student needs and interests. The "urban" in Urban Studies includes learning about suburban and exurban issues as well as studying the structure, condition and future of the central city.  That is, students explore the spatial patterning of metropolitan systems as well as the inner-life of individual cities. Classes examine cities and their regions in historical context and in an international and comparative manner.  Students will examine economic, political and cultural concerns, and explore practical solutions to current urban problems.  As a highly interdisciplinary program, students are required to take courses in at least five separate disciplines, but may, with elective requirements, take courses in many more disciplines.

The Urban Studies degree prepares students for:

  • advanced training in traditional academic disciplines, or professional activities with an urban orientation
  • advanced training in specialized academic disciplines with urban foci, including law, public administration, and urban planning
  • the wide variety of vocations present in an urban setting
  • citizenship in an urban world

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BA In Urban Studies Director:

Dr. Jeff Horner
phone: 313.577.0194

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