We offer a program leading to a graduate certificate in economic development. The certificate program is designed for students who wish to combine a graduate degree (Master's or Ph.D) with a specialty in urban, regional and state economic development. It will be awarded only in conjunction with the completion of a graduate degree or to those who already have such a degree.

The graduate certificate in economic development is administered by the Department of  Urban Studies and Planning in conjunction with the following graduate programs.

  • Applied Sociology
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Industrial Relations
  • Public Administration
  • Urban Planning

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Careers in Economic Development

Economic development is a new and rapidly growing profession. The certificate program provides students with the background they need to pursue economic development positions in state, regional and local governments; non-profit and community organizations; private associations such as chambers of commerce; and private businesses and civic institutions engaged in economic development. Through interdisciplinary course work, the certificate program supplements the education students receive in existing graduate degree programs related to economic development.


Those eligible to apply for the graduate certificate in economic development program include:

  • Students enrolled in Wayne State graduate degree programs in: public administration, urban planning, business administration, economics, industrial relations, or applied sociology;
  • Students who already posses a graduate degree in one of the above fields or a closely related field; and
  • Students pursuing Wayne State graduate degrees in other related areas.

Requirements for Completion of the Certificate Program

  1. Students must complete 12 credit hours, no more than nine of which may be counted toward the graduate degree program. Additionally, all students must take courses in three of the four core areas listed here.
  2. As part of the 12 credit hours, all students must take the required course in Core Area 1: "Theory and Practice of Economic Development."
  3. Students must also take the course in microeconomic analysis, "Economic Analysis and Public Administration," under Core Area 4.
  4. Students must take at least one course (in addition to the course in Core Are 1) outside of the department of their graduate degree program. At least one course must be taken at the 7000 level.
  5. Students must maintain a minimum honor point average of 3.0 as specified by the Graduate School. Transfer of credit from other institutions does not apply toward the required 12 hours for the certificate. The graduate certificate in economic development will be awarded upon completion of the student's degree.

Core Areas and Approved Courses

The areas of study and the courses available in each core area are listed below. Students must take at least three hours of credit in three of the four core areas. All students must take the required course in Core Area 1: Theory and Practice of Economic Development.

CORE AREA 1: Theory and Practice of Economic Development

  • UP6550 (cross-listed as PS 6440, ECO 6650), Required Course: Regional, State, and Urban Economic Development (3)

CORE AREA 2: Economic Development Policy, Politics and Institutions

ECO 560 or 760, Economic Development (Developing Nations) (4)
ECO 642, Labor Relations, Institutions and Public Policy (3)

Political Science
PS 506, Comparative State Politics and Policy (4)
PS 724, Urban Public Policy (3)

SOC 550, Urban and Metropolitan Living

Urban Planning
UP 635, Housing Programs and Policy (3)

MGT 775, Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining (3)
MKT 746, International Business (3)

Industrial Relations
IR 740, Labor Relations Law (3)
IR 745, Employment Relations Law (3)

CORE AREA 3: Economics and Finance of Economic Development

ECO 552, State and Local Finance (4)
ECO 580, Urban and Regional Economics (3)

Geography and Urban Planning
GEO 613, Advanced Urban Geography (4)
GEO 624, Industrial Geography (4)
UP 631, Housing Development (4)

FBE 787, Principles of International Business Finance (3)
FBE 535, Real Estate Finance (3)*
FBE 783, Business Condition Analysis (3)

CORE AREA 4: Economic Development Management and Analysis Techniques

ECO 645, Economic Analysis and Public Administration (3)**

Political Science
PS 725, Urban Administration (3)
PS 746, Program Evaluation (3)

SOC 658, Applied Sociology (3)
SOC 721, Program Evaluation (3)

Urban Planning
UP 605, Financial Aspects of Urban Planning (3 or 4)
UP 665, Land Use Controls (2 or 3)

ACT 601 or 710, Financial Accounting (3)*
MGT 565 or 766, The Entrepreneur and Venture Creation (3)*
FBE 529 or 721, Business Finance (3)*

* ACC 601, FBE 532, FBE 535, and MGT 565 will not count toward the certificate for MBA students.
** All students are required to take ECO 645 or an equivalent. ECO 645 will not count toward the certificate for students pursuing a master's degree in economics or public administration.

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